Sunday, 27 September 2015

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Don't Act Like You're The Only One Perfect!

Hey. you... do you know what the dream is?
Hey you... do you know how precious it is?
You, with your money, with your wealth
It doesn't mean you can underestimate others
Why poor people cannot dress well?
You said I'm Cinderella
Yes, I am
I wish that's me
Just because I dress well more than you
It doesn't mean you can underestimate someone like me
Your words insulting me
Your comment, all of full of jealousy
I can't show it
Why so hard for you to admit something better  than yours?
Why so hard for you to acknowledge someone better than you?
I know who I am
Just a poor people, cannot stand on the same line or on the level as yours
Why poor people like should stand behind you
Even if I can go further than you, I can be better than you
Don't act like you're the only one perfect
Just because of your wealth and your pride
Nobody is perfect and nothing for forever

No matter how much I forgive you, I'll never forget
The scars that you created.
Even you act like an angel to me.
I won't
Because... I'm not a kind-hearted person.
Open your eyes
Realize it!
Don't be scared!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Omma, I Love You (Harris J - I Promise | Official Lyric Video)

This song is wonderful. The lyric so awesome, you can feel it by your heart and you wouldn't realize the tears will come out from your eyes although the beat isn't really sad.

This song make me think about my mom. No matter how much I argue with her, or no matter how much she hates me, at the same time I know she loves me more than that. When I'm not beside her, I miss her a lot. When I worked, when I went to campus, wherever I am, I always miss her.

I hope, I can make her proud of me, make her smile because of me, make her laugh, and of course make her happy.

I can't say how much I love her, and I can't describe the love of mine for her.

Omma, neol saranghae ^_^ I Love You, Mom. I always miss you and love you as always.

Omma, mianhamnida... saranghamnida... gomapseumnida...

Monday, 14 September 2015

Compilation Voices of My Heart

"Money isn't made from blood"

"Don't ever cheer someone by a fake hope"

"No matter how hard you tried, you will be a loveless, It's a destiny"

"Sometimes, someone does not want to do something. It does not mean she knows nothing. She's just afraid will do the same mistakes like others did. She's afraid become an evil, especially for people she loved"

"Although just a moment someone must be wanted to live the way she like"

"New journeys will create new dreams"

"I want to protect my heart"
"I want to keep it happily"
"But, I can't..."
"You, too. You are like my heart, 어머니
"I can't make my heart happy"
"So, how can I make myself happy?"
"How can I make everyone happy?"

"The biggest pray and hope, there is in something called "Heart" "

"If cannot say Sorry, how can say another words?"

"Don't put too much efforts to make everyone happy, because a human never feels satisfied of what they've got in life, and it makes you like a coward"

"Our drama is our life"

By. Rinaranmouri

Compiled on 15/09/2015

Friday, 10 July 2015

Manage your heart, chinguya!

When your heart felt the pain, it's because of yourself,
you can't manage it well.
sometimes, you think your life always like a competition.
with who?
your friends? your enemy? or yourself?
you set up your heart to be like that, no wonder if your heart got a lot of pain.

like today, someone told me that she never thought someone like that to be her competitor.
she said, she didn't mean to look down on her, but she just never put that girl's name on her mind, heart, or even a paper.
that girl, today, over her to be a winner.
but, she, my friend, said that she's fine.
so, I think, she will be hurt if people on her list over her. that's the way she managed her heart.
am I on the list, chinguya?
hahahahaha, never mind.
no matter, how much my name you wrote on your list, I still like you.
it's a secret ;)

Friday, 20 March 2015

Hurt and Me

나는 나
나는 너 미안함니다

Aku adalah aku
Aku yang bersalah padamu
Selalu bersalah padamu
Semua hal yang kulakukan adalah salah
Ketika tidak melakukan apapun juga salah
Karena, mungkin aku adalah kesalahan bagimu
Yang selalu mengingatkanmu pada rasa sakit dan penderitaan
Entah bagaimana lagi caranya
Agar membuatmu melihatku
Aku telah menyadarinya sejak lama
Bahwa aku tak ada dimatamu
Apalagi dihatimu

Sayangnya aku tak bisa kemanapun
Sayangnya aku tak bisa melakukan apapun
Bertahan disisimu adalah satu-satunya cara untukku bertahan hidup saat ini
Aku pun merasa bersalah karena menjadi parasit dan beban bagimu
Aku yang tak bisa kemanapun
Aku yang tak bisa melakukan apapun
Bukanlah kehendakku
Sadarkah ini karenamu sendiri

Mari kita bersama merasakan luka ini
Bersama kita terluka
Saling melukai satu sama lain
Kita terluka dan tak terobati, mungkin
Tapi aku selalu percaya kebaikan itu selalu ada
Meski kau tak percaya padaku
Aku akan tetap percaya

Sunday, 15 March 2015

My Thorn (Hurt Rose)

Don't come too close!
Jangan berdiri terlalu dekat denganku
Atau mencoba menyentuhku
I'm dangerous!
You will be ttaemune
You will be sad... na ttaemune
You will cry... You will regret...
All ... na ttaemune...because of me...
Saying sorry, mianhae, maaf... isn't enough!

Ketika kau terluka karena ku
Aku pun takkan bisa memaafkan diriku
Ketika kau terluka karena ku
Tiap luka itu juga menjadi lukaku
Ketika kau terluka karenaku
Maka aku semakin melemah dengan penuh luka
Family, Chingu, dan juga semua orang disekelilingku
Karena aku, semua terluka
Oleh karena itu,
Don't come too close!